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No Mow Bella® Bluegrass 50 Plug Tray

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Part of the American dream is having a house, a car, and a ridiculously nice lawn. But having a great lawn comes with one significant caveat – you have to mow it. Mowing your lawn is one of those hassles of having a home, either you have to mow it yourself, hire a company to regularly service your lawn, or hire Johnny down the road to mow it for you. Any way you look at it, it’s a time consuming, expensive part of your home’s upkeep. Until now. Roberta’s Bella Blue Grass brings your lawn that all-coveted deep green, blue alpine grass that everyone with a lawn desires. But best of all, this grass only grows 3-4” tall, which will reduce mowing by up to 50-80%! That means it only needs to be mowed one time for every two to four times other grasses need mowing; if you currently mow your lawn about 50 times per year, you can reduce that to about 12-25 times per year. It grows very quick laterally, but not vertically, i.e. it spreads in your lawn without growing tall. Each of our 50 pieces will spread about 8-10” covering about 20-25 square feet total.


Bella® Bluegrass

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