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  6. Zone 8 (25)
  7. Zone 9 (24)
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  1. Less than 6 inches (4)
  2. Between 7-18 inches (9)
  3. Between 19-36 inches (7)
  4. Taller than 36 inches (17)
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  1. Full Sun (25)
  2. Half Sun/Half Shade (26)
  3. Part Shade (14)
  4. Full Shade (4)
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  2. Late Spring-Early Summer (15)
  3. Summer (20)
  4. Summer-Early Fall (12)
  5. Fall (4)
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  2. Red (12)
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  5. Orange (9)
  6. Blue (4)
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  8. Yellow (10)
  9. Multi (11)
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  1. Deer Resistant (23)
  2. Drought Tolerant (18)
  3. Hot and Dry Tolerant (9)
  4. Fragrant (11)
  5. Attracts Bflys and Hummingbirds (20)
  6. Rabbit Resistant (15)
  7. Everblooming (8)
  8. Wet Site Tolerant (2)
  9. Coastal Salt Tolerant (4)
  10. N/A (2)
About Us

Take your gardening experience to new heights by visiting Roberta’s Unique Gardens. Our goal is to enhance your gardening enjoyment by providing you with top quality, leading edge perennials and annuals that are suitable for your garden and home with the best service imaginable. Roberta’s is a 4th generation family owned business and has been one of the leading commercial exhibitors at flower and garden shows for over 50 years in the U.S. and abroad. We search the globe to find easy-to-grow plants that are unique in themselves or their variety making them nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Our passion and commitment continually asks the question, “What makes a better, unsurpassed, and more beautiful flower to behold?” Working with growers and breeders from all over the world, Roberta’s is able to bring you hard-to-find plants and new species that will be sweethearts for years to come. Thank you for bringing us into your home, Eric, Kevin, and Koort Wallien


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  1. Majestic Foxtail Lilies 3 pc. Collection

    Like beacons of light for you garden, Roberta’s 3 pc Majestic Foxtail Lily Collection’s spectacular blooms will be attracting eyes in your garden for many years. Foxtail Lilies, also known as Desert Candles, is a member of the secret garden club, as its stately growth brings new dimensions and interests to any herbaceous garden, and is a permanent member of the finest European gardens. With densely packed flower spires reaching heights of three to six feet tall and long, elegant strap-like foliage, Roberta’s Majestic Foxtail Lily Collection will bring your garden the most robust Foxtail Lilies from Holland. Our collection includes one each of orange, pink, and yellow Foxtail Lilies and the first year the star like roots will produce two to three flower spires, each comprised of thousands of individual tiny florettes that will bloom spring and summer starting the second year, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies galore all the while.

    • SKU: R53194/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Eremurus hybrids
    • Common Name: Lilium, Foxtail
    • Hardiness Zone: 5-9, Cold Tolerance: -10F
    • Sun-Shade: Full Sun
    • HT at Maturity: 4-5 feet / 12-24 inches
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring to Early Summer- 2nd Season
    • Cultivar: 1 each: Orange, Pink, and Yellow
    • Special: It's known as the desert candle; unique, vertical stems with cone-shaped flowers; magnificent luminous effect when in bloom and sited next to other plants with dark green foliage; attracts butterflies and hummingbirds galore; easy to grow; fragrant; deer resistant; drought tolerant once established; seeds readily for a tremendous naturalization
    • Uses: garden, container, landscaping
    • Growing Guide: Majestic Foxtail Lilies
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  2. Climbing Hardy Passion Flower 4 pc.

    Whether you are passionate about gardening or not, Roberta’s 4 pc Climbing Hardy Passion Flower is such an incredible addition to every garden, you will quickly fall in love with it. Our winter hardy Passion Flower Vine satisfies every desire a gardener could hope to have – it is extremely fast growing, reaching heights of 6 to 10 feet in one season, will grow almost anywhere in the country in any soil, produces elaborate and ornate flowers that are even fragrant, and it’s totally thorn-less. While they won’t produce fruit, they can produce yellow seedpods that will naturally open allowing your plants to self-seed at the end of the season. Their fragrant, multidimensional flowers are the real showstoppers, growing almost twice as big as others, up to 3” in diameter. Their fringed flowers are composed of ruffled white petals with an inner disc featuring rings of blue, white and purple and topped off with a vibrant crown. They absolutely cover the deep green vines from July to September and they were the inspiration for the name Passion Flower, originally named in the 1500s by missionaries that likened the different parts of the flower to the crucifixion.

    • SKU: R53087/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Passiflora caerulea
    • Common Name: Blue Crown Passion Flower
    • Hardiness Zone: 5-10, Cold Tolerance: -10F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Part Sun
    • HT at Maturity: 6-10 feet / 3-6 feet
    • Bloom Time: Summer - Autumn
    • Cultivar: Passiflora
    • Special: Tendril climbers needing some type of support; historical significance; fast-growing; fragrant flowers; thornless; deer resistant
    • Uses: climber for trellises, pergolas, fences, wire cage, netting, wall or stake; cut flower displayed in a shallow dish of water
    • Growing Guide: Hardy Passion Flower
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page


    Passion Flower

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  3. Fragrant White Lily of the Valley 3 pc.

    There is something about the Lily of the Valley that takes the mind to a peaceful place. Whether that comes from the fact that they have been a part of life since well before Biblical times, their incredible fragrance that beckons in springtime, or their rare trait of producing flowers in the shade, it is undeniable that the Lily of the Valley is one of the most famous plants in the world. However, Roberta’s 3 pc Fragrant White Lily of the Valley offers the best performing Lily of the Valley available, known to produce up to twice the amount of beautiful bell-shaped flowers compared to other varieties for an extended bloom season of April to June each year, double the bloom season of many other varieties. In the shade! And our collection is one of the absolute most winter hardy collections we’ve ever offered, hardy to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit!

    • SKU: R53056/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Convallaria majalis
    • Common Name: Lily of the Valley
    • Hardiness Zone: 2-9, Cold Tolerant: -40F
    • Sun-Shade: Part Shade to Part Sun
    • HT/WD at Maturity: 4-12 inches / 12-24 inches
    • Bloom Time: Early Summer
    • Cultivar: White Lily of the Valley
    • Special: Multitudes of fragrance with these white blooms beckons in springtime; sturdy, graceful lance shaped foliage; exceptional self-seeders; hardy, dependable and easy to grow
    • Uses: Shade gardens, container, border, groundcover
    • Growing Guide: White Lily of the Valley
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  4. Two Hearts Petunia Collection 6 pc

    Petunias are likely the most popular annual bedding plant worldwide. The allure of their bountiful trumpet shaped blooms has made them the summer bedding plant since the mid-1800s. But this isn’t the 1800’s anymore. And Roberta’s 6 piece Two Hearts Petunias Collection shows exactly why. These petunias were created using the highest technologies to create what are probably the most ornate petunias on the globe. Both varieties display beautiful heart patterns on each of their five petals! You gotta see it to believe it. Released mid-summer 2016, these petunias are brand new and impossible to find elsewhere, it is very likely you’ll have the only garden in town with them.

    • Sku/Class.: R53128/ Annual
    • Botanical Name: Petunia hybrid
    • Common Name: Two Hearts Petunias
    • Hardiness Zone: 9-11, Cold Tolerance: 40F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Partial Sun
    • HT/WD: 10-18 inches / 10-18 inches
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring to Mid Fall
    • Cultivar: 3 each: Queen of Hearts (canary yellow/ruby red) and Heartbeat (white/soft pink)
    • Special: New series of petunias with more and larger flowers; exceptionally long blooming season; vigorous growth and spread with no bare centers; neat mound-shaped habit, stronger stems with larger foliage; withstands windy conditions better; disease resistant; self-cleaning (no deadheading needed); superior varieties to heat and drought; deer resistant
    • Uses: Bedding plant, containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, flower beds, edgers, and walkways
    • Growing Guide: Two Hearts Petunias
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  5. Heirloom Marriage Tomatoes 6 pc.

    The products of perfect heirloom tomato marriages, our brand new Heirloom Marriage Tomato Collection contains three never before seen heirloom tomatoes that produce more fruit, more quickly than most any other heirlooms out there. All three will produce plump heirloom tomatoes 1-3 weeks faster than the most common heirloom tomato in the country with yields up to 3 times as many fruit! Cherokee Carbon, Genuwine, and Perfect Flame are each unique heirloom hybrids that all maintain that distinctive sweet, luscious heirloom flavor that we all love, but they are even prettier than their heirloom parents, exhibiting significantly fewer blemishes and keeping after picked significantly longer – if they are not gobbled up of course!

    • Sku/Class.: R53139/ Annual (90 Day Warranty)
    • Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum
    • Common Name: Heirloom Tomatoes
    • Hardiness Zone: 9-11, Cold Tolerance: 35F
    • Sun-Shade: Full Sun
    • HT/WD at Maturity: 5-7 feet / 2-3 feet
    • Bloom Time: Fruits in Summer
    • Cultivar: 2 each: Cherokee Carbon, Genuwine, and Perfect Flame
    • Special: 3 new unique heirloom hybrids with different styles; harvest 1-3 weeks earlier than other heirlooms; sweet tasting; more fruit per harvest; fewer blemishes per tomato and keeping longer after being picked
    • Uses: vegetable garden, large containers
    • Growing Guide: Heirloom Marriage Tomatoes
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  6. Hardy Succulent Ice Plant 9 Pak

    These are hardy, succulent, flowering groundcovers with neon colored jewel-like flowers. The flowers open by day and close at night from late spring until first frost. Its evergreen foliage is perfect for hot and dry areas. These varieties offer more and brighter color, a longer blooming season and faster growth compared to other flowering groundcovers– nothing better exists.

    • SKU: R31136/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Delosperma hybrids
    • Common Name: Ice Plant
    • Hardiness Zone: 5-10, Cold Tolerance: -15F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Partial Sun
    • HT/WD at Maturity: 3-5 inches / 18-20 inches
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring to Early Autumn
    • Cultivar: 3 each in an quick release tray: Fire Spinner, Jewel of the Desert Garnet Red, and Lavender Ice
    • Special: Durable, indestrucitve groundcover; large jewel-like flowers; heat, drought, humidity and salt resistant; perfect for xeriscapes and water-wise gardening; evergreen succulent foliage; shimmering flowers; deer resistant
    • Uses: succulent groundcover, rock gardens, graveled patches, slopes, in borders, xeriscapes and modern compositions, lawn substitute, smothers weeds out under trees
    • Growing Guide: Hardy Succulent Flowering Ice Plant
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page


    Hardy Succulent Ice Plants

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  7. Large Tropical Elephant Ears 3 pc

    Elephant ears will easily be some of the largest plants in your garden or pots this summer! Upon planting the bulbs 2-4 inches deep in a nice soil mix, they will grow extremely fast producing gigantic leaves, sometimes measuring 3-4 feet across. These bold, tropical plants have a great presence in the landscape and they’re commonly grown for their overly large tropical-looking Native to tropical South East Asia and Polynesia, you will be creating your very own tropical jungle that will get thicker and richer every single year.

    • Sku/Class.: R290687 / Tropical- 90 Day Warranty
    • Botanical Name: Colocasia esculenta
    • Common Name: Elephant Ear
    • Hardiness Zone: 7-11, Cold Tolerance: 35F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Partial Sun
    • HT/WD: 3-5 feet / 3-4 feet
    • Bloom Time: N/A- Green Leaves only
    • Cultivar: Elephant Ears
    • Special: Adds a tropical flair; fast growing; extremely drought tolerant; deer and rabbit resistant; disease resistant; elephant ear-like fronds
    • Uses: year round in warm winter gardens, containers, mass plantings, pool side, book-end a driveway, walkway or edging
    • Growing Guide: Tropical Elephant Ears
    • Ships: Zone Shipping- Spring
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  8. Joel Cherry Bush 1 pc.

    You can finally forget about your arborvitae and your boxwoods. Roberta’s 1 pc Joel Cherry Bush collection is exactly what a shrub should be – flowering in the spring, producing an abundance of juicy, anti-oxidant rich fruit in the late summer, and taking on gorgeous red tones in the autumn, we’ve never come across a bush that can elevate your garden’s landscape quite like this. Hybridized for over 25 years by famed breeder Dr. Meader of New Hampshire, no longer do you need a vast tract of space to grow a large, difficult to harvest cherry tree, because our Joel Cherry Bush grows only about 4’ tall and 3’ wide. It is the perfect size for a shrub and its habit resembles a flowering almond. And this self-fertile cherry bush doesn’t need brothers or sisters in the garden to produce fruit which means you can place them all over the yard on their own and still expect them to fruit. However, they are so striking in the landscape, you may want to plant a small grove of them.

    • SKU: R53022/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: (Prunus japonica x Prunus jacquemontii)
    • Common Name: Joel Cherry Bush
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-8, Cold Tolerance: -35F
    • Sun-Shade: Full Sun
    • HT/WD at Maturity: 4' / 3'
    • Bloom Time: Blooms in Spring and ripens late summer-fall (2nd yr.)
    • Cultivar: Joel Cherry (half gallon pot)
    • Special: Compact and tidy and not too large of a shrub with 3 seasons of intrigue; juicy, anti-oxidant rich cherries in late summer; beautiful, pink flowers in spring and Autumnal hues in fall; low maintenance and long-lived; self-fertile, producing fruit regularly; vigorous plant that exhibits staunch disease resistance; bird resistant due to sour taste and birds having other fruits around in late summer; resistant to cherry worms
    • Uses: Edible landscaping, border, perennial garden, alongside the sidewalk, containers
    • Growing Guide: Joel Cherry Bush
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  9. Giant Colorful Crocus Mix - 50 Pc Set

    This Dutch crocus collection includes some of the largest flowering crocus varieties available. Crocus are well known for being the first flowering of all the spring flowers and often times they’ll bloom in late February through the snow. These carefully selected colors will bloom seamlessly with one another to create beautiful artistic landscapes. This collection of 50 bulbs is designed to cover rock gardens, borders, areas under trees, or flower beds with luxurious amounts of color in the early spring.

    • SKU: R54880 / Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Crocus hybrids
    • Common Name: Giant Dutch Crocus
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-9, Cold Tolerance: -40F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Partial Sun
    • HT/WD: 4-6 inches / 2-4 inches
    • Bloom Time: Late Winter through Early Spring
    • Cultivar: 50 bulbs mixed together in one bag of: Flower Record (deep purple), Golden Yellow, Jeanne d'Arc (white w/purple base), Pickwick (light purple w/ white stripes)
    • Special: Carefully selected colors that are unique and not easily found; bright, cheery blossoms often the first signs of spring; very easy to grow; extremely dependable coming back each season with more vigor and color; drought tolerant; deer and rabbit resistant
    • Uses: Perennial garden or border, cottage gardens, edging a walkway, in between late summer flowering perennials
    • Growing Guide: Crocus Mix
    • Ships: AVAILABLE FALL 2017
    • Shipping Schedule : Fall Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page

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  10. Sorbonne - Fragrant Oriental Lily Set - 12 pc

    These candy-like pink blooms are characterized by white edges, light, cranberry speckles, and a sweet fragrance. These lilies are an absolute beauty to behold. The blooms are also marked with a noticeable dark stripe down each petal. These large, fragrant blooms are produced on vigorous plants reaching a height of 3 to 4 feet and bloom mid to late summer.

    • SKU: R31229/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Lilium orientalis
    • Common Name: Oriental Lily
    • Hardiness Zone: 4-9, Cold Tolerant: -30F
    • Sun-Shade: Partial, Dappled, Full
    • HT/WD at Maturity: 30-40 inches / 12-16 inches
    • Bloom Time: Early Summer
    • Cultivar: Sorbonne mixed together in one bag unlabeled
    • Special: Fragrance galore; winter hardy; bulbs can be divided after 4-5 seasons; great for wedding bouquets, and centerpieces; associated with godliness, referred to as royal lilies
    • Uses: garden, container, cut flowers in vases, landscapes
    • Growing Guide: Fragrant Oriental Lily Mix
    • Ships: Zone Shipping- Spring
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