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  3. Orange (1)
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  1. Drought Tolerant (1)
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  3. Attracts Bflys and Hummingbirds (1)
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  1. 2 in 1 Orchid Cactus Collection 2 pc.

    brand new Multi-Color 2 in 1 Everblooming Orchid Cactus is a beautiful, long flowering easy to grow cactus collection for everyone in the country. Imagine a Christmas cactus that blooms not just for 3 weeks in the winter, but for all summer and into fall with this Orchid Cactus. It produces giant, gaping orchid-like flowers with outrageous color and form. Imagine a family heirloom that lives for 40 years on end that can be propagated like no other to make brand new plants in a cinch. It’s a plant that keeps on giving! Their succulent foliage and drought tolerant nature make them perfect for sharing. Their sweeping, overflowing habit makes them an excellent choice for hanging baskets and elevated pots. Our Orchid Cactus will begin to flower from an early age, typically the second season and bloom for months on end. With this combo planting, each pot contains two plants, a mix of red, pink, orange, or yellow.

    • SKU: R53085/ Tropical (90 Day Warranty)
    • Botanical Name: Epiphyllum ackermannii
    • Common Name: Epiphyllum, Epies, or Orchid Cactus
    • Hardiness Zone: 10-11, Cold Tolerance: 45F
    • Sun-Shade: Partial or dappled Sun
    • HT/WD: 15-20 inches / 18-24 inches
    • Bloom Time: Summer into Autumn-2nd Season
    • Cultivar: 2 pots (2 in 1 pot) Mix of red, pink, orange, or yellow
    • Special: Free flowering habit; sweeping, thorn-less branches are nice for elevated containers; fruity fragrance in late-blooming Napoleon yellow; evergreen cacti which can withstand heat and drought; easily propagated; extended blooming period with large, bright flowers; rare, unique and hard to find elsewhere Large, gaping flowers with outrageous color; similar to a Christmas cactus on steroids; a wonderful trailing plant that lives for decades on end; evergreen cactus containing orchid-like flowers as big as your hand and as vibrant as a rainbow.
    • Uses: Elevated pots, hanging basket, indoor sun porches
    • Growing Guide: 2 in 1 Orchid Cactus
    • Ships: NonZoned- Late April to Early May
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