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Mature Height -
  1. Between 7-18 inches (1)
  2. Between 19-36 inches (1)
  3. Taller than 36 inches (2)
Sun / Shade -
  1. Full Sun (2)
  2. Half Sun/Half Shade (1)
Bloom Time -
  1. Summer (2)
  2. Summer-Early Fall (2)
  3. Fall (2)
Flower Color -
  1. Red (1)
  2. Mixed (1)
Attributes -
  1. Deer Resistant (2)
  2. Drought Tolerant (2)
  3. Fragrant (1)
  4. Attracts Bflys and Hummingbirds (1)
  5. Rabbit Resistant (2)
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  1. Sabi Star Sahara Desert Gemini Rose Red Sea 1 pc.

    Bragging rights included! This is the perfect houseplant for those of us those that aren’t so perfect! A long-lived plant for decades on end, it is actually a succulent member of the Oleander family where it rains frequently in the summer, but is very dry in winter. A natural succulent bonsai plant that blooms for nearly 6 months each year with little to no care. It has unique flower colors, a long blooming season, large flowers, fast growth, with thick, swollen, twisted stems.

  2. SKU: R42331 / Tender Perennial
  3. Botanical Name: Adenium obesum
  4. Common Name: Desert Rose, Sabi Star, Kudu
  5. Hardiness Zone: 10-11, Cold Tolerant: 35F
  6. Sun-Shade: Full to Partial Sun
  7. HT at Maturity: 1-3 feet; 6 inches per year
  8. Bloom Time: Summer - Winter
  9. Cultivar: Red Sea
  10. Special: A long-lived plant for decades; bright flowers with unique and swollen trunk, succulent member of the Oleander family; flowers come and go for nearly 6 months per year; popular houseplant
  11. Uses: shallow container
  12. Growing Guide: Sabi Star Sahara Desert Gemini Rose 1 pc.
  13. Ships: Week of May 12th
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  • Kona's Best Hawaiian Plumeria 3 pc.

    ‘Aloha’ is all you’ll be saying with this plumeria collection, because now you can bring the allure of this iconic Hawaiian flower to your very home, without having to travel all the way to Hawaii. Before you know it, you’ll be stringing your very own leis! Nothing says Hawaii better than the plumeria, and you’re going to be receiving three of the very best varieties grown at the same farm we’ve had in Kona, Hawaii for the past 30 years; that’s why we’re able to bring you these three exclusive cultivars in very sought after colors.

  • SKU: R43064 / Tender Perennial
  • Botanical Name: Plumeria rubra
  • Common Name: Plumeria, Frangi Pani
  • Hardiness Zone: 10-11, Cold Tolerant: 45F
  • Sun-Shade: Full Sun
  • HT/WD: 16-20 inches the 1st yr.; 20-30 inches the 2nd yr.; 30-40 inches the 3rd yr. (measurements when in pot)
  • Bloom Time: Mid Summer to Mid Autumn- 2nd Season
  • Cultivar: Kona Gold, Kona Beauty, Kona Fruit Salad
  • Special: Flower of love used to make the fragrant Hawaiian Lei of welcome; Brings the dream of Hawaii into your summer garden, very fragrant and rare cultivars; attracts butterflys and hummingbirds, drought tolerant; deer and rabbit resistant
  • Uses: containers, warm winter gardens
  • Growing Guide: Kona's Best Hawaiian Plumeria 3 pc.
  • Ships: Week of April 13th
  • Restrictions: Cannot ship to CA

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