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Large Hostas
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  1. Zone 3 (3)
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  3. Zone 5 (3)
  4. Zone 6 (3)
  5. Zone 7 (3)
  6. Zone 8 (3)
  7. Zone 9 (3)
  8. Zone 10 (3)
Mature Height -
  1. Less than 6 inches (0)
  2. Between 7-18 inches (0)
  3. Between 19-36 inches (3)
  4. Taller than 36 inches (1)
Sun / Shade -
  1. Full Sun (0)
  2. Half Sun/Half Shade (0)
  3. Part Shade (3)
  4. Full Shade (3)
Bloom Time -
  1. Spring (0)
  2. Late Spring-Early Summer (0)
  3. Summer (3)
  4. Summer-Early Fall (0)
  5. Fall (0)
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  1. Assorted (1)
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  6. Blue (0)
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  9. Multi (0)
  10. Mixed (0)
  11. N/A (0)
Attributes -
  1. Deer Resistant (0)
  2. Drought Tolerant (3)
  3. Hot and Dry Tolerant (0)
  4. Fragrant (1)
  5. Attracts Bflys and Hummingbirds (3)
  6. Rabbit Resistant (0)
  7. Everblooming (0)
  8. Wet Site Tolerant (2)
  9. Coastal Salt Tolerant (0)
  10. N/A (0)
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Take your gardening experience to new heights by visiting Roberta’s Unique Gardens. Our goal is to enhance your gardening enjoyment by providing you with top quality, leading edge perennials and annuals that are suitable for your garden and home with the best service imaginable. Roberta’s is a 4th generation family owned business and has been one of the leading commercial exhibitors at flower and garden shows for over 50 years in the U.S. and abroad. We search the globe to find easy-to-grow plants that are unique in themselves or their variety making them nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Our passion and commitment continually asks the question, “What makes a better, unsurpassed, and more beautiful flower to behold?” Working with growers and breeders from all over the world, Roberta’s is able to bring you hard-to-find plants and new species that will be sweethearts for years to come. Thank you for bringing us into your home, Eric, Kevin, and Koort Wallien

Large Hostas

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  1. Large Gold Standard Hosta 6 pc.

    This 6 pc. Gold Standard Large-Sized Hosta Collection couldn't be made up of a more distinctive and garden-worthy variety. Large-Sized Gold Standard provides maximum versatility and style in adorning your shaded gardens.

    • SKU: R105726 / Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Hosta
    • Common Name: Plantain Lily
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-10, Cold Tolerance: -30F
    • Sun-Shade: Shade to Partial Sun
    • HT/WD: 18-20 inches / 40 inches
    • Bloom Time: Summer
    • Cultivar: Gold Standard
    • Special: Compact habit unlike most other hostas; dramatic, twisted, variegated leaves; attracts hummingbirds; drought tolerant once established
    • Uses: borders, walkways, masses around trees, containers, shade gardens
    • Growing Guide: Hosta
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  2. Large Leafed Hosta Collection 9 pc.

    Hostas are a favorite tried-and-true garden staple across the country and with good reason. Because there is simply no other shade loving plant around that brings so much lushness to a garden coupled with a versatility suited for every garden in America. But this hosta collection takes the cake. Hostas are at their absolute best when planted alongside many of their brothers and sisters, which is why we created this collection. Now you can have a mass planting of these large hostas with this one collection. It includes four gorgeous varieties, and twelve plants in total; this collection brings you the opportunity to revitalize those shady areas around the home once and for all. One collection can cover an immense area, about a 30-foot long border!

  3. SKU: R53073/ Perennial
  4. Botanical Name: Hosta
  5. Common Name: Plantain Lily
  6. Hardiness Zone: 3-10, Cold Tolerance: -30F
  7. Sun-Shade: Shade to Partial Sun
  8. HT/WD: 2-3 feet / 3-5 feet
  9. Bloom Time: All Summer
  10. Cultivar:3 each: Sieboldiana Elegans (Blue), Royal Standard (Green), Frances Williams (Green/Ylw)
  11. Special: Bold statement in the shade garden; nice mix of different colored hostas; all large well known popular varieties; slug resistant leaves; white and lavender blooms during the summer; attracts hummingbirds; drought tolerant once established
  12. Uses: Massed in a woodland border, shady areas around your home, walkways, en mass around trees, containers, shade gardens or partly sunny areas
  13. Growing Guide: Large Leafed Hosta Mix
  14. Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  • Giant Blue Angel Hosta 6 pc.

    Roberta’s Giant Blue Angel Hosta is one of the most popular large blue hostas available. Although it’s been around for quite some time, it’s still a favorite amongst gardeners who are looking to spruce up their shade gardens or borders. This giant hosta holds its blue color very well on gigantic, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves which are heavy and tough and highly slug resistant. The leaves stretch out horizontally then cascade beautifully downward while producing light lavender flowers above the foliage on 48 inch scapes during midsummer.

  • SKU: R287908 / Perennial
  • Botanical Name: Hosta
  • Common Name: Plantain Lily
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-10, Cold Tolerance: -30F
  • Sun-Shade: Shade to Partial Sun
  • HT/WD: 32 inches / 72 inches
  • Bloom Time: Mid Summer
  • Cultivar: Blue Angel
  • Special: Huge, blue-green leaves; heavy substance making it more slug resistant; attracts hummingbirds; low maintenance and easy to grow; very dependable old time favorite and extremely winter hardy; drought tolerant once established; fantastic cover-up for spring blooming bulbs
  • Uses: Borders, walkways, masses around trees, containers, shade gardens, alongside other large hostas
  • Growing Guide: Hosta
  • Ships: Zone Shipping
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