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Fall Bulbs
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Price -
  1. $20.00 - $29.99 (9)
  2. $30.00 - $39.99 (3)
  3. $40.00 and above (1)
USDA Zone -
  1. Zone 3 (11)
  2. Zone 4 (11)
  3. Zone 5 (12)
  4. Zone 6 (12)
  5. Zone 7 (12)
  6. Zone 8 (13)
  7. Zone 9 (11)
  8. Zone 10 (10)
Mature Height -
  1. Less than 6 inches (2)
  2. Between 7-18 inches (8)
  3. Between 19-36 inches (5)
  4. Taller than 36 inches (3)
Sun / Shade -
  1. Full Sun (13)
  2. Half Sun/Half Shade (8)
  3. Part Shade (4)
  4. Full Shade (1)
Bloom Time -
  1. Spring (9)
  2. Late Spring-Early Summer (6)
  3. Summer (0)
  4. Summer-Early Fall (0)
  5. Fall (0)
Flower Color -
  1. Assorted (5)
  2. Red (6)
  3. Pink (2)
  4. Purple (7)
  5. Orange (4)
  6. Blue (2)
  7. White (7)
  8. Yellow (8)
  9. Multi (5)
  10. Mixed (4)
  11. N/A (0)
Attributes -
  1. Deer Resistant (12)
  2. Drought Tolerant (4)
  3. Hot and Dry Tolerant (0)
  4. Fragrant (6)
  5. Attracts Bflys and Hummingbirds (3)
  6. Rabbit Resistant (10)
  7. Everblooming (0)
  8. Wet Site Tolerant (0)
  9. Coastal Salt Tolerant (0)
  10. N/A (0)
About Us

Take your gardening experience to new heights by visiting Roberta’s Unique Gardens. Our goal is to enhance your gardening enjoyment by providing you with top quality, leading edge perennials and annuals that are suitable for your garden and home with the best service imaginable. Roberta’s is a 4th generation family owned business and has been one of the leading commercial exhibitors at flower and garden shows for over 50 years in the U.S. and abroad. We search the globe to find easy-to-grow plants that are unique in themselves or their variety making them nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Our passion and commitment continually asks the question, “What makes a better, unsurpassed, and more beautiful flower to behold?” Working with growers and breeders from all over the world, Roberta’s is able to bring you hard-to-find plants and new species that will be sweethearts for years to come. Thank you for bringing us into your home, Eric, Kevin, and Koort Wallien

Fall Bulbs

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  1. Dutch Amaryllis Holiday Set - 2 pc

    M54881/R31202/R31203/R31204 • Gorgeous holiday flair at just the right time inside the home. • Bloom exquisitely fast in just about 4-5 weeks. • Each bulb can produce 2-3 stems with up to 4-6 flowers per stem, creating a flowering period of 1 to 2 months. • Farm fresh jumbo bulbs directly from fields of Holland never treated with growth preservatives allow for best possible results in the home. • Minerva – candy cane red and white flowers that are full-bodied and last for an extended period of time on your plants in the home. o Flowers are about 50% larger than most indoor amaryllis, with blooms extending up to 7-8” across • Carmen – vibrant red petals deepen to rich ruby as you move closer to the middle of the flower o Most sought after pure red amaryllis available due to flower color and size. o Readily considered Holland’s finest amaryllis, very difficult to locate within the US. o Produces more flowers and larger flowers (~8”) than any other. • H 18-20”, W 4-6”; Full to Part Sun; Blooms late Dec-Feb What You Get: • 2 bulbs o 1 jumbo bulb each Minerva and Carmen AVAILABLE FALL 2017

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  2. Daffodils - Fragrant Sailboat Narcissus Collection - 20 pc Set

    M54882/R31225/R31226/R31227 • Jonquil hybrids – hard to find selection of daffodils • White Sailboat starts with white petals and pale yellow cup that matures to a creamy color • Lemon Sailboat offers primrose yellow petals and cups • Each bulb produces 3 to 5 stems with each stem yielding 1 to 3 flowers • Bloom just after other daffodils have finished • All Fragrant Daffodils • Thrive anywhere in the country from the cooler north regions to the Deep South. • Naturalize extremely well • Deer resistant, Pest Resistant • Blooms April; Zones 3-10; Full to Part Sun; H 16-20”, W 2-4” What You Get: • 20 bulbs • 10 each Lemon Sailboat and White Sailboat AVAILABLE FALL 2017

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  3. Dutch Master's Pastel Tulip Collection - 40 pc Set

    M54875/R31224 • The best tulips in the world come from Holland, just like some of the finest artists the world has seen – think Van Gogh, Vermeer, or Rembrandt . • Spring is the season of pastels and this is the collection to bring pastel colors in your garden. • Pastel colors are generally very difficult to find in flowers but this one collection brings soft pastel yellows, oranges, pinks, lavenders, creams, and crimsons into your garden. • With 40 bulbs you can transform your garden into a beautiful, nostalgic landscape. • Farm fresh bulbs have extended bloom life of up to 6-8 weeks. • Zones 3-8; Full to Part Sun; Blooms April-May; H 16-24”, W 2-4” What You Get: • 40 bulbs mixed pastel colors AVAILABLE FALL 2017

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  4. Magical Muscari Collection - 50 pc Set

    M54876/R31221/R31222/R31223 • Probably the easiest of spring bulbs with the longest lasting flowers • Especially spectacular when planted under trees, tucked into ground covers, or flower beds where they have a chance to naturalize • ‘Blue Magic’ is a true blue – one of the most difficult colors to find for the garden • B. Album is a snowy white - very difficult to find in U.S. • Both varieties have grape like fragrant and bloom in late spring April to May • Bell shaped flowers open up more widely tha traditional varieties producing fuller garden look • Deer and rabbit resistant • Zones 3 to 10; Full to Part Sun; H 6-12”, W 4-6” What You Get: • 50 bulbs: 25 each Blue Magic, B. Album AVAILABLE FALL 2017

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  5. Delightfully Fragrant Scent of Spring Hyacinth Mix - 20 pc

    M54924/R31216 • The densest collection of fragrant hyacinths ever offered. • Hyacinths look best planted en masse along borders, in flower beds, or along walkways and this one collection is designed to bring massive amounts of color and fragrance in one fell swoop. • A decorative collection of reds, pinks, blues, purples and yellows to brighten up your entire spring garden. • Blooms mid-spring for up to 6 weeks. • All five colors bloom on strong plants with densely packed florets to produce an impressive look in the garden. • Each bulb will produce 2-3 stems the first year. • Zones 3-10; Full Sun; H 10-12” W 4-6”; Blooms mid-spring What You Get: • 20 mixed bulbs of red, pink, blue, purple, yellow AVAILABLE FALL 2017

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    M54877/R31217/R31218/R31219/R31220 • All three rare varieties produce highly sought after double late flowers with double the petals – almost impossible to get in America • Varieties bloom later in season, just after single tulips and right before peonies • Tulips are Spring’s Heart and Soul and symbol of eternal happiness and perfect love • Yellow Mountain – sunny yellow flowers, some of largest flowers in all tulips • Blue Spectacle – deep violet flowers with blue sheen resembles a peony • Carnaval de Nice – starts out as green and white and evolves into creamy white with red stripes, a real celebration in the garden • Double tulips have very long cut flower life due to robust petals • Zones 3-8; Blooms Mid to Late Spring; H 16-20”, W 2-4”; Full to Part Sun What You Get: • 30 bulbs o 10 each of Yellow Mountain, Blue Spectacle, Carnaval de Nice AVAILABLE FALL 2017

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    M54878/R31213/R31214/R31215 • Selection of the largest, most vivid tulips for your garden. • Varieties are taller and produce larger flowers than other tulips, creating an unforgettable display in garden. • Blooms can reach 4-5” in height, almost double the flower size of generic single tulips. • Their height creates new opportunities and locations for tulips in your garden. • La Courtine is golden yellow with vibrant ruby red flames on sturdy oval shaped flowers. • Sky High Scarlet is rich scarlet red in color with perfect egg shaped blooms. • Both varieties will bloom later in the tulip season, around mid-April and flowers for about 3-4 weeks. • Zones 3-8; Full Sun; H 28-32”, W 4-6” What You Get: • 20 bulbs o 10 each La Courtine and Sky High Scarlet AVAILABLE FALL 2017

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  8. Fritillaria Imperial Maxima Collection - 4 pc Set

    M54879/R31210/R31211/R31212 • An elegant heirloom flower making its comeback • Unusual flowers are real magnet for eye and bloom longer than most spring flowers, about 3 weeks • Flowers produce musky fragrance that keep critters away and protects surrounding flowers from potential nibblers • Very strong, thick stems create statuesque plants and straight flowering stem • Rubra maxima – burnt orange-red flowers with crown of green foliage stand tall and firm in garden • Lutea – hard to source yellow fritillaria complements Rubra maxima perfectly • Deer and rabbit resistant • Zones 3-10; Full Sun; Blooms April to May; H 3-4’, W 12-18” What You Get: • 4 individually packed bulbs o 2 Lutea o 2 Rubra maxima AVAILABLE FALL 2017

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  9. Giant Colorful Crocus Mix 50 Pc

    M54880/R31205 • Selection of some of the largest flowering crocus varieties available. • Our varieties will be blooming earlier than other spring flowers, and have been known to even bloom through the snow! • Carefully selected colors that bloom seamlessly with one another to create beautiful artistic landscapes. • Collection of 50 bulbs designed to cover rock gardens, borders, areas under trees, or flower beds with luxurious amounts of color in the early spring. • Terrifically easy to grow bulbs that naturalize better than most spring flowers. • Pickwick – splendid purple and white flowers with bright orange stamens • Flower Record – deep royal purple • Golden Yellow – golden apricot yellow • Jeanne d’Arc – heavenly white flowers with small purple base • Deer resistant • Zones 3-9; Full to Part Sun; H 4-6”, W 2-4”; Blooms early Spring What You Get: • 50 mixed bulbs of o Pickwick, Flower Record, Golden Yellow, Jeanne d’Arc AVAILABLE FALL 2017

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  10. Trumpet Daffodil Collection 20 Pc

    Performance and dependability is what Roberta’s 20 pc Daffodil Collection is all about. Each collection is comprised of two tried and true varieties that will outshine all your other daffodils and spring flowers year after year. Pride of Lions is a new variety that roars lemony yellow petals with vibrant orange trumpets while Precocious is an obvious showstopper that blooms heavenly white flowers with bright coral trumpets. These two varieties are what is known as ‘large cup’ daffodils meaning they exhibit some of the largest daffodil flowers in the world. The first year you can expect 1-2 flowers per bulb, but these winter hardy perennials will come back every spring bringing more flowers with them each year. Includes 10 bulbs each: Pride of Lions, Precocious

  11. SKU: M50844/R50844 / Perennial
  12. Botanical Name: Narcissus
  13. Common Name: Daffodil
  14. Hardiness Zone: 3-10, Cold Tolerance: -40F
  15. Sun-Shade: Full to Part Sun
  16. HT/WD: 16-20 inches /3-6 inches
  17. Bloom Time: Late Winter through Mid Spring
  18. Cultivar: 10 each bagged separately: Pride of Lions and Precocious
  19. Special: Very popular varieties available; tremendous spring color; super easy to grow; highly dependable, tough and very hardy; nice for cut flowers; comes back each season with more vigor and color; great for resisting deer, rodents, rabbits, and voles due to the poisonous sap
  20. Uses: Perennial garden or border, along walkways, containers, underneath deciduous trees
  21. Growing Guide: Large Cupped Daffodils
  22. Ships: AVAILABLE FALL 2017
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