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  2. Drought Tolerant (17)
  3. Hot and Dry Tolerant (4)
  4. Fragrant (29)
  5. Attracts Bflys and Hummingbirds (43)
  6. Rabbit Resistant (29)
  7. Everblooming (8)
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  9. Coastal Salt Tolerant (2)
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About Us

Take your gardening experience to new heights by visiting Roberta’s Unique Gardens. Our goal is to enhance your gardening enjoyment by providing you with top quality, leading edge perennials and annuals that are suitable for your garden and home with the best service imaginable. Roberta’s is a 4th generation family owned business and has been one of the leading commercial exhibitors at flower and garden shows for over 50 years in the U.S. and abroad. We search the globe to find easy-to-grow plants that are unique in themselves or their variety making them nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Our passion and commitment continually asks the question, “What makes a better, unsurpassed, and more beautiful flower to behold?” Working with growers and breeders from all over the world, Roberta’s is able to bring you hard-to-find plants and new species that will be sweethearts for years to come. Thank you for bringing us into your home, Eric, Kevin, and Koort Wallien


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  1. Casa Blanca Oriental Lily with Food 8 pc.

    Casa Blanca regarded by horticultural professionals as being the best white oriental lily ever is an absolute gem. This heavily perfumed oriental lily will fill the air with an ever-pleasing aroma during July and August. This lily when planted with other solid colored lilies provides magnificent color contrast in the garden.

    • SKU: R285715 / Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Lilium orientalis
    • Common Name: Oriental Lily
    • Hardiness Zone: 4-9, Cold Tolerance: -30F
    • Sun-Shade: Partial or Full Sun
    • HT/WD: 44-48 inches / 10-12 inches
    • Bloom Time: Summer: July-August
    • Cultivar: Casa Blanca
    • Special: Old time favorite with large, fragrant blooms; adds great color contrast with other brightly colored lilies; great cut flower; easy to grow; winter hardy
    • Uses: gardens, containers & landscapes, cut flowers
    • Growing Guide: Casa Blanca Oriental Lily
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  2. Magical Muscari Collection - 50 pc Set

    Probably the easiest of spring bulbs with the longest lasting flowers. Especially spectacular when planted under trees, tucked into ground covers, or flower beds where they have a chance to naturalize. The urn-shaped flowers resembling bunches of grapes pack a lovely fragrance during springtime. “Blue Magic” is a true blue – one of the most difficult colors to find for the garden. B. Album is snowy white and very difficult to find in the USA. These hardy, dependable vigorous little spring bloomers are not fussy with soil types and thrive anywhere and seem to live forever.

    • SKU: R49088 / Tender Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Muscari aucheri and botryoides hybrids
    • Common Name: Grape Hyacinths
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-10, Cold Tolerance: -40F
    • Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Partial Shade
    • HT/WD: 6-12 inches / 4-6 inches
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring
    • Cultivar: 25 each bagged/labeled separately: Blue Magic and B. Album
    • Special: One of the easiest and very popular spring flowers; bell-shaped flowers open up beautifully; grape like fragrance; great when left to naturalize, en masse, under trees, amongst groundcovers, and pots; Blue Magic is a true blue and shades of blue are hard to come by; deer and rabbit resistant
    • Uses: Naturalizing under trees, in amongest groundcovers, en masse, gardens, borders, along walkways, woodland and grassy areas, next to ponds and streams, or paired with daffodils and tulips, and pots
    • Growing Guide: Magical Muscari
    • Ships: Fall Zone Shipping Schedule
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  3. Fragrant Oriental Lily Mix- Starfighter and Sorbonne 96 pc.

    There’s nothing quite so pleasing as when the oriental lilies begin blooming in the garden. And there’s nothing quite so sad as when your garden only produces a few scant oriental lilies, not even enough to cut a few to bring inside the home. Roberta’s 12 or 96 piece Fragrant Oriental Lily Collection is what we’ve all been searching for. For smaller gardens 12 bulbs is perfect; for larger gardens, nothing could be better than 96 bulbs. That way, you can enjoy the most beautiful, most fragrant garden you’ve ever had. Oh, and oriental lilies are known worldwide to be one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden. This is a win-win situation.

    • SKU: R53081/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Lilium orientalis
    • Common Name: Oriental Lily
    • Hardiness Zone: 4-9, Cold Tolerant: -30F
    • Sun-Shade: Partial, Dappled, Full
    • HT/WD at Maturity: 30-40 inches / 12-16 inches
    • Bloom Time: Early Summer
    • Cultivar: Starfighter and Sorbonne mixed together in one bag unlabeled
    • Special: Deep, burgundy-red flowers with white edges; fragrance galore; winter hardy; bulbs can be divided after 4-5 seasons; great for wedding bouquets, and centerpieces; associated with godliness, referred to as royal lilies
    • Uses: garden, container, cut flowers in vases, landscapes
    • Growing Guide: Fragrant Oriental Lily Mix
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  4. Dutch Master's Pastel Tulip Collection - 40 pc Set

    Roberta’s brings the color of spring to every garden with this one collection - our 40 piece Dutch Masters Pastel Tulip Collection. Spring is the season of pastel colors in your garden. Pastel colors are generally very difficult to find. Roberta’s has sought out this collection for its soft pastel yellows, oranges, pinks, lavenders, creams, and crimsons which will definitely brighten up your gardens in springtime. Planted in the fall, your tulips will begin blooming in April and last through May beckoning life back into your yard.

    • SKU: R54875 / Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Tulipa hybrids
    • Common Name: Tulip
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-8, Cold Tolerance: -40F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Part Sun
    • HT/WD: 16-24 / 2-4 inches
    • Bloom Time: Mid Spring
    • Cultivar: 40 bulbs: pastel colors mixed together in one bag
    • Special: Breathtaking soft pastel colored Tulips; farm fresh bulbs not treated with shelf extending preservatives; not easily found in the US; uniquely colored long lasting flowers; hardy, dependable and easy to grow; drought tolerant
    • Uses: En masse, in small clusters edging sidewalks, perennial garden or border, cottage gardens, pots
    • Growing Guide: Pastel Colored Tulips
    • Ships: AVAILABLE FALL 2017
    • Shipping Schedule : Fall Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page


    Pastel Colored Tulips

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  5. Blazing Star Liatris 40 pc

    While you may recognize Liatris as staple in cut flower arrangements, it may be even more at home in your garden where it will be one of the easiest to grow perennials you’ve ever had. And with Roberta’s 40 pc Blazing Star Liatris Collection you will be receiving twenty purple and twenty white liatris that will pop up in your garden in as little as 70 days! These winter hardy perennials will continue blooming all summer long, year after year attracting a plethora of our favorite pollinators - butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds – during the summer, and then in the fall the gold finches and various other birds will come seeking out their seeds. Yes, our varieties will self-seed in the autumn so each year brings more flowers! Liatris Blazing Star is an incredible fuzzy vertical growing flower that reaches about three to five feet tall on beautiful two-foot wide mounds of grass-like foliage. During the spring and summer the mounds remain deep green and then in the fall they bronze like your autumn foliage. We believe Blazing Stars look best when planted in bunches and that is why we designed this collection, to bring you maximum intrigue and form to your garden right away. Plus our varieties will bloom about three solid months, an extra month compared to most.

    • Sku/Class.: R53079/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Liatris spicata Floristan
    • Common Name: Blazing Star, Gayfeather
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-9, Cold Tolerance: -35F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Partial Sun
    • HT/WD at Maturity: 3-5 feet / 12-15 inches
    • Bloom Time: Early Summer-Late Fall
    • Cultivar: 20 each 8/10 cm: Spicata (Violet) and Alba (White)
    • Special: Unique, vertical flowering characteristic over a long period; attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and finches; tough, durable, dependable, and not fussy to soil type; heat and drought tolerant; deer resistant; fast growing Native American flower; wonderful cut flower since the bloom opens up after cutting
    • Uses: gardens, borders, landscapes, wildflower, prairie gardens, cottage themed gardens, heightens gardens, large containers or tubs, wonderful cut flower for bouquets and arrangements
    • Growing Guide: Liatris Blazing Star
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  6. Majestic Foxtail Lilies 3 pc. Collection

    Like beacons of light for you garden, Roberta’s 3 pc Majestic Foxtail Lily Collection’s spectacular blooms will be attracting eyes in your garden for many years. Foxtail Lilies, also known as Desert Candles, is a member of the secret garden club, as its stately growth brings new dimensions and interests to any herbaceous garden, and is a permanent member of the finest European gardens. With densely packed flower spires reaching heights of three to six feet tall and long, elegant strap-like foliage, Roberta’s Majestic Foxtail Lily Collection will bring your garden the most robust Foxtail Lilies from Holland. Our collection includes one each of orange, pink, and yellow Foxtail Lilies and the first year the star like roots will produce two to three flower spires, each comprised of thousands of individual tiny florettes that will bloom spring and summer starting the second year, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies galore all the while.

    • SKU: R53194/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Eremurus hybrids
    • Common Name: Lilium, Foxtail
    • Hardiness Zone: 5-9, Cold Tolerance: -10F
    • Sun-Shade: Full Sun
    • HT at Maturity: 4-5 feet / 12-24 inches
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring to Early Summer- 2nd Season
    • Cultivar: 1 each: Orange, Pink, and Yellow
    • Special: It's known as the desert candle; unique, vertical stems with cone-shaped flowers; magnificent luminous effect when in bloom and sited next to other plants with dark green foliage; attracts butterflies and hummingbirds galore; easy to grow; fragrant; deer resistant; drought tolerant once established; seeds readily for a tremendous naturalization
    • Uses: garden, container, landscaping
    • Growing Guide: Majestic Foxtail Lilies
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  7. 3 Year Old Reblooming Daylily Collection 3 pc

    There’s an old adage in the garden world referring to perennials’ growth that goes something like, “Watch ‘em sleep, creep, then leap!” What this means is that the first year your perennials will sleep, spending most of their energy growing roots underground as opposed to above-earth growth. Year two is when they creep, and slowly start to show slight exuberance in the garden. But then the magic happens in the third year when they leap and grow leaps and bounds! So, if you could, wouldn’t you rather fast track your plants and go directly to the leap stage? Us too. That’s why Roberta’s 3 pc. Three Year Old Reblooming Daylily Collection is so spectacular. This is a revolutionary concept that will drastically increase your daylily’s performance right from the get-go.

    • SKU: R53065/ Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Hemerocallis hybrids
    • Common Name: Daylily
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-10, Cold Tolerance: -40F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Partial Sun
    • HT/WD at Maturity: 20-30 inches / 20-30 inches
    • Bloom Time: Summer - Early Autumn
    • Cultivar: 1 each: Beyond Belief (pink), Indy Rhapsody (rose-red), and Byzantine Emperor (burgundy w/ golden throat)
    • Special: All are 3 yr. old root-stocks made to leap and rebloom the 1st season; enormous, multi-colored flowers; larger and more flowers in a quicker amount of time; winter-hardy, dependable while multiplying rapidly underneath the soil; bold, bright colors with non-fading flowers resistant to heat and drought; attractive to pollinators; deer and disease resistant
    • Uses: garden, borders, walkways, hard to water areas, landscape, patio containers, cut flowers
    • Growing Guide: 3 Year Old Reblooming Daylily Collection
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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  8. Crown Imperial Fritillaria Collection - 4 pc Set

    A stately spring flowering bulb that deserves prominence would be one way to describe the fascinating beauty of the Crown Imperial. Roberta’s 4 pc Fritillaria should be planted where they can make a bold statement; our variety Rubra Maxima touts large fiery orange pendant bell-shaped flowers sitting atop sturdy three foot stems and capped off with a crown of upright foliage, there is simply no other flower like it. These rare fall planting bulbs date back to 1590 and are an incredible sight to be seen. Includes 4 Crown Imperial Fritillaria bulbs.

  9. SKU: M50843/R50843 / Perennial
  10. Botanical Name: Fritillaria
  11. Common Name: Crown Imperial
  12. Hardiness Zone: 3-10, Cold Tolerance: -40F
  13. Sun-Shade: Full to Part Sun, or Dappled Sun
  14. HT/WD: 30-40 inches / 18-24 inches
  15. Bloom Time: Late Spring into Early Summer
  16. Cultivar: Rubra Maxima
  17. Special: Unique and rare flame orange flowers facing downwards; highly scented and highly deters deer, rabbits, and voles;
  18. Uses: Perennial garden or border, cottage gardens, edging a walkway, in between late summer flowering perennials
  19. Growing Guide: Fritillaria
  20. Ships: AVAILABLE FALL 2017
  21. Shipping Schedule : Fall Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page

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  • Allium Globemaster Collection - 3 Pc Set

    Hold the world in your own two hands every spring with one of the largest Alliums on the planet, Globemaster. Part of the onion family, this fall planting bulb is as easy as they come. Just like wild onion can grow practically anywhere, Allium Globemaster will thrive in rich, rocky, sandy, gritty, or loamy soils making it a solid choice for every garden. Globemaster’s spherical, deep lavender flower umbels are truly a sight to be seen as they grow atop elegant strap-like foliage each spring. Globemaster’s flower heads are some of the largest around, growing up to 10-12” in diameter on plants reaching heights of about 3-4 feet tall, they almost look like purple balloons growing in your garden! Set contains 3 Globemaster Allium.

    • SKU: R50851 / Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Allium
    • Common Name: Purple Globemaster
    • Hardiness Zone: 5-10, Cold Tolerance: -15F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Part Sun
    • HT/WD: 24-48 inches / 12-24 inches
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring
    • Cultivar: Globemaster purple
    • Special: Large 10-12 inch diameter purple blooms; highly effective in repelling deer, rabbit and critters; attracts butterflies and birds; hot dry site tolerant; good for dried flowers; most popular of all the Allium; fragrant; drought tolerant; deer and rabbit resistant
    • Uses: Back of the perennial garden or border, cottage gardens, edging a walkway, in between late summer flowering perennials
    • Growing Guide: Purple Globemaster Allium
    • Ships: AVAILABLE FALL 2017
    • Shipping Schedule : Fall Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
    • Restrictions: Cannot ship to Idaho


    Allium Globemaster

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  • Heartstrings Asiatic Lily Collection 8 pc.

    Roberta’s 8 pc. Heartstrings® Asiatic Lily collection is a fancy multi-colored lily producing peachy-yellow flower centers with raspberry pink-tipped petals, while standing tall at 4 feet high. This bright lily is perfect in cut flower arrangements or vases. Asiatic lilies are some of the hardiest and first to flower of all lily hybrids, producing colorful blooms in June and July.

    • SKU: R287910 / Perennial
    • Botanical Name: Lilium asiatic hybrid
    • Common Name: Asiatic hybrid Lily
    • Hardiness Zone: 4-9, Cold Tolerance: -30F
    • Sun-Shade: Partial or Full Sun
    • HT/WD: 4 feet / 10-12 inches
    • Bloom Time: Early to Mid Summer- June-July
    • Cultivar: Heartstrings
    • Special: Large, multi-colored blooms; 5-7 blooms per flower in the first season; dependable, easy to grow and winter hardy; multiples quickly and easily subdivided after 3-4 years
    • Uses: gardens, landscapes, containers, cut flower arrangements
    • Growing Guide: Heartstrings Asiatic Lily
    • Shipping Schedule : Spring Shipping & Hardiness Zone Page
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