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  1. Zone 9 (4)
  2. Zone 10 (8)
  3. Zone 11 (7)
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  1. Less than 6 inches (0)
  2. Between 7-18 inches (5)
  3. Between 19-36 inches (3)
  4. Taller than 36 inches (1)
Sun / Shade -
  1. Full Sun (5)
  2. Half Sun/Half Shade (3)
  3. Part Shade (3)
  4. Full Shade (2)
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  1. Spring (1)
  2. Late Spring-Early Summer (5)
  3. Summer (8)
  4. Summer-Early Fall (6)
  5. Fall (4)
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  1. Assorted (4)
  2. Red (5)
  3. Pink (7)
  4. Purple (3)
  5. Orange (2)
  6. Blue (0)
  7. White (5)
  8. Yellow (3)
  9. Multi (4)
  10. Mixed (2)
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  1. Deer Resistant (5)
  2. Drought Tolerant (7)
  3. Hot and Dry Tolerant (4)
  4. Fragrant (0)
  5. Attracts Bflys and Hummingbirds (6)
  6. Rabbit Resistant (4)
  7. Everblooming (7)
  8. Wet Site Tolerant (0)
  9. Coastal Salt Tolerant (0)
  10. N/A (0)
About Us

Take your gardening experience to new heights by visiting Roberta’s Unique Gardens. Our goal is to enhance your gardening enjoyment by providing you with top quality, leading edge perennials and annuals that are suitable for your garden and home with the best service imaginable. Roberta’s is a 4th generation family owned business and has been one of the leading commercial exhibitors at flower and garden shows for over 50 years in the U.S. and abroad. We search the globe to find easy-to-grow plants that are unique in themselves or their variety making them nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Our passion and commitment continually asks the question, “What makes a better, unsurpassed, and more beautiful flower to behold?” Working with growers and breeders from all over the world, Roberta’s is able to bring you hard-to-find plants and new species that will be sweethearts for years to come. Thank you for bringing us into your home, Eric, Kevin, and Koort Wallien


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  1. 24/7 Osteospermum 4D™ Series 5 pc. Collection

    The newest take on osteos, Roberta’s 24/7 Osteospermum 4D™ Series is by far the coolest and most impressive collection of osteospermum out there! This collection of five gorgeous two-toned colors is not only in a range of colors brand new to osteos, the flowers on these 4D™ series osteospermum are truly two flowers in one, with the bottom layer exhibiting a traditional osteospermum which is then capped with a secondary frilly flower on top. But it is time that gives it the fourth dimension (and thus the name 4D™) because these osteospermum stay open all day and all night, a trait brand new to these osteospermum! If you’ve ever grown osteospermum before, they always close at night, or even on an excessively cloudy day they’ll even remain shut during the day, not these guys. Our 24/7 Osteospermum remain smiling in bloom all season long, giving you up to 3 months of pure flower power with a vast amount of flowers, up to twice as many flowers per plant as traditional osteos.

    • Sku/Class.: R49104 / Annual (90 Day Warranty)
    • Botanical Name: Osteospermum hybrids 4D Series
    • Common Name: African Daisies
    • Hardiness Zone: 9-10, Cold Tolerance: 35F
    • Sun-Shade: Full Sun
    • HT/WD: 8-12 inches / 12-16 inches
    • Bloom Time: Spring into Mid Summer
    • Cultivar: 4D™ Series Mix: 1 ea. of pink, purple, dark violet, yellow, and silver
    • Special: Two-toned, bold flowers which remain open 24/7; brand new varieties (4D Series) and colors to osteos that are less vigorous with double the flowers; 3 months of blooms; versatile and easy to maintain
    • Uses: Patio containers, annual beds, sunny garden, front of the border, sidewalks, walkways, along driveways
    • Growing Guide: 4D™ Series Osteospermum Mix
    • Ships: Zone Shipping- Spring
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  2. Vibrant Bushy Zahara Series Zinnias 8 pc.

    This is the bedding Zinnia of our dreams. The ultimate Zinnia collection for the garden, each pot is filled with a mixture of colors bringing you the most vibrant bushy Zinnias you could imagine. Immensely resistant to mildew and leaf spot, the Zahara Zinnias have absconded all the traits gardeners disliked about Zinnias, while maintaining and improving everything we love about them. This bright collection of 8 plants includes the most balanced selection of colors ranging from reds, oranges, pinks, roses, yellows, and even whites – in every pot! One of the colors in the mix is even an All-American Selection winner, so you can rest assured that these have been “tested Nationally, proven locally.”

    • Sku/Class.: R49114 / Annual (90 Day Warranty)
    • Botanical Name: Zinnia marylandica
    • Common Name: bedding Zinnia
    • Hardiness Zone: 9-11, Cold Tolerance: 35F
    • Sun-Shade: Full Sun
    • HT/WD: 12-18 inches tall and wide
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring into Autumn
    • Cultivar: Zahara Series Mix
    • Special: Bedding Zinnia that are garden proven; included in the collection is Starlight Rose (2010 AAS Bedding Plant Award Winner); superior disease resistance- mildew and leaf spot resistant; highly drought, heat and humidity resistant; splendid color with significantly larger blooms; great for containerized plantings; vigorous, bushy habit; water-efficient plant; shorter varieties; super easy to grow
    • Uses: Patio containers, bedding plant, along the baking-hot driveway, or cement path, crowding against the house (whose wall reflect heat), sun-baked gardens, or those hard to water areas
    • Growing Guide: Zahara Series Zinnias
    • Ships: Zone Shipping- Spring


    Vibrant Bushy Zahara Series Zinnias

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  3. Citronella Scented Geraniums 4 pc.

    Classic pelargonium geraniums with a twist! A lemony twist that is. Roberta’s 4 piece Citronella Scented Geraniums brings a beloved compact geranium with bright ruby red and pink flowers, but what makes it so extraordinary is the wonderful fragrance effusing from the foliage. Like the scratch and sniff games from our childhood, rubbing the foliage of your geraniums will release a fragrance akin to your favorite lemony sherbet candies you ate growing up. The edible fragrant foliage is classified as herbs and can even be used in cooking to add a lemony zest!

    • Sku/Class.: R53067 / Annual
    • Botanical Name: Pelargonium hybrid
    • Common Name: Scented Geraniums
    • Hardiness Zone: 9-11, Cold Tolerance: 40F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Part Sun
    • HT/WD: 12-18 inches / 10-12 inches
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring through Autumn
    • Cultivar: Lemon scented Geranium
    • Special: Natural mosquito repellent when leaves are crushed and applied; wonderful lemon scent; versatile with multiple uses; drought tolerant; easy to grow- maintenance free; long blooming season; establishes themselves quickly
    • Uses: Centerpiece for patios, sunny windowsills, containers, bedding plant, or annual border and garden
    • Growing Guide: Citronella Scented Geraniums
    • Ships: Zone Shipping- Spring
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  4. Compact Big Bounce Series Impatiens 6 pc Collection

    Bounties of color unbelievably fast, our Disease Resistant Big Bounce Series Impatiens bloom like no other annual bedding plant out there. Thriving in the full shade to part sun, it is the perfect plant for borders around the home, under your large trees, along your poolside, or best of all, mass planted any and everywhere. Brand new this year and fully disease resistant, you don’t need to worry about the downy mildew affecting them at all! Their big, bright flowers are self-cleaning; tolerate heat and humidity and are borne on strong sturdy stems that bounce back big after dry spells.

    • Sku/Class.: R53076/ Annual
    • Botanical Name: Impatiens hybrida
    • Common Name: Impatiens hybrid
    • Hardiness Zone: 10-11, Cold Tolerance: 35F
    • Sun-Shade: Full Shade to Partial Sun
    • HT/WD: 20-30 inches / 20-30 inches
    • Bloom Time: Mid Spring to Mid Autumn
    • Cultivar: 2 each of Big Bounce Lavender Pink, Lilac Pink, and Red
    • Special: Big flowers bounce back after a drought; proven garden performance; downey mildew and disease resistant; self-cleaning; heat and humidity tolerant; drought tolerant; big, bright blooms; strong, sturdy stems; long blooming season; attracts butterflies and hummingbirds; easy to grow; lots of color for a shady area; spreads nicely; deer and rabbit resistant
    • Uses: mass plantings, hanging baskets, containers, window boxes
    • Growing Guide: Big Bounce Series Impatiens
    • Ships: NonZoned- Early May

    Compact Big Bounce Impatiens

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  • 2 in 1 Combo Mandevilla 2 pc

    Probably the most iconic flowering vine is the Mandevilla and one of the reasons is because it seems to bloom like clockwork right around July 4th every year gracing patios, porches, trellises and fences with glossy foliage and gorgeous trumpet shaped flowers. Its bold and showy elegance is also a favorite because of its ability to grow like wildfire with extended bloom life and that is why it is able to make such a statement in containers as well as landscapes and borders. But per usual, Roberta’s takes it a step further with its 2 piece 2 in 1 Mandevilla Collection – because each piece actually contains 2 plants, one pot has both Red and White Mandevilla planted together while the other has Hot Pink and White. That means when you plant them, your plants will bloom enormous four-inch wide red and white flowers from the same pot or same spot in the garden! We recommend using a blue pot for an All-American appeal. Their vigorous habit can be both bushy and trailing making them quite versatile whether they’re planted in the garden, containers, or even window boxes.

    • SKU: R53084/ Tropical (90 Day Warranty)
    • Botanical Name: Apocynaceae
    • Common Name: Mandevilla
    • Hardiness Zone: 10-11, Cold Tolerance: 40F
    • Sun-Shade: Full Sun
    • HT/WD at Maturity: 4-6 feet / 1-2 feet
    • Bloom Time: All Summer to Fall with blooms repeatedly
    • Cultivar: Combo Planting (2 in 1 pot) 1 each Red/White, and Hot Pink/White
    • Special: Blooms repeatedly; easy-care climber; prolific bloomer; beautiful full, tropical blooms; and can be grown indoors and outdoors
    • Uses: trellis, wire cage, netting or stakes, container, warm winter gardens
    • Growing Guide: 2 in 1 Mandevilla Collection
    • Ships: NonZoned- Late April to Early May
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  • Two Hearts Petunia Collection 6 pc

    Petunias are likely the most popular annual bedding plant worldwide. The allure of their bountiful trumpet shaped blooms has made them the summer bedding plant since the mid-1800s. But this isn’t the 1800’s anymore. And Roberta’s 6 piece Two Hearts Petunias Collection shows exactly why. These petunias were created using the highest technologies to create what are probably the most ornate petunias on the globe. Both varieties display beautiful heart patterns on each of their five petals! You gotta see it to believe it. Released mid-summer 2016, these petunias are brand new and impossible to find elsewhere, it is very likely you’ll have the only garden in town with them.

    • Sku/Class.: R53128/ Annual
    • Botanical Name: Petunia hybrid
    • Common Name: Two Hearts Petunias
    • Hardiness Zone: 9-11, Cold Tolerance: 40F
    • Sun-Shade: Full to Partial Sun
    • HT/WD: 10-18 inches / 10-18 inches
    • Bloom Time: Late Spring to Mid Fall
    • Cultivar: 3 each: Queen of Hearts (canary yellow/ruby red) and Heartbeat (white/soft pink)
    • Special: New series of petunias with more and larger flowers; exceptionally long blooming season; vigorous growth and spread with no bare centers; neat mound-shaped habit, stronger stems with larger foliage; withstands windy conditions better; disease resistant; self-cleaning (no deadheading needed); superior varieties to heat and drought; deer resistant
    • Uses: Bedding plant, containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, flower beds, edgers, and walkways
    • Growing Guide: Two Hearts Petunias
    • Ships: Zone Shipping- Spring
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  • Compact and Colorful Sunpatiens 6 pc

    Roberta’s 6 piece Colorful & Compact Sunpatiens is the grower’s choice in the garden for beautiful, long lasting, continuous flowering from May to October. They offer flowers a month earlier and later than most. This series of sunpatiens are worry free winners for their unbelievable performance in gardens from coast to coast, producing large mounds of bright colors both in the full sun or part shade garden! Their versatility in the garden, coupled with an extraordinarily long bloom season of flowers from spring to frost cannot be matched by any other annual out there. Thriving in high heat and high humidity conditions makes them ideal in gardens from the west to the east and south to the north. And they have been bred to resist the dreaded mildew disease that destroyed most varieties of sunpatiens/impatiens a few years ago.

  • Sku/Class.: R53136/ Annual
  • Botanical Name: Sunpatiens hybrida
  • Common Name: Sunpatiens hybrid
  • Hardiness Zone: 10-11, Cold Tolerance: 35F
  • Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Part
  • HT/WD at Maturity: 14-32 inches / 14-24 inches
  • Bloom Time: Early Summer to Mid Autumn
  • Cultivar: 2 each: Electric Orange (RHS Award of Garden Merit), Neon Pink, and Tropical Rose
  • Special: New breeding breakthrough making them suitable for full sun or shady locations; mounds of bright color for a longer blooming season; versatile and new developments have made them more resilient to heat, drought, and downy mildew; excellent self-cleaning nature reducing deadheading and maintenance; dense, bushy habit produces twice as many flowers; Electric orange won the RHS Award of Garden Merit for ease of growth and excellent performance
  • Uses: mass plantings, flower beds, hanging baskets, containers, windox boxes, containers
  • Growing Guide: Compact and Colorful Sunpatiens
  • Ships: Zone Shipped - **SPRING 2017**
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  • Sun or Shade Colorful Coleus Collection 6 pc.

    Phosphorescent illumination in the shade (or sun) coupled with the most interesting foliage Roberta’s has ever offered – that is what our 6-piece Sun or Shade Colorful Coleus Collection is all about. When it comes to annuals, foliage matters. It is one of the surest ways to add luxurious texture to your garden in a hurry. And when it comes to foliage, Coleus is hands down the very best option out there. But Roberta’s Coleus Collection is nothing like the expensive coleus you would find at your box stores or nurseries. The three varieties in this collection were created in 2016 and have essentially not even been introduced into the marketplace yet. However, they are quickly being heralded as the most interesting, handsomest, and best performing coleus yet.

    • SKU: R53088/ Annual (90 Day Warranty)
    • Botanical Name: Solenostemon
    • Common Name: Coleus
    • Hardiness Zone: 10-11, Cold Tolerance: 40F
    • Sun-Shade: Part Shade to Part Sun
    • HT at Maturity: 18-48 inches (varies by variety) / 18-24 inches
    • Bloom Time: Summer
    • Cultivar: 2 each: Pink Reef, Copper Coral, and Fish Net
    • Special: Wild, colorful pigmented foliage brightens up any shady area; adds an instant element of design; some of the best new varieties of coleus currently available; fast growers reaching full maturity in just a few short weeks; highly versatile and wonderful fillers in mixed planters
    • Uses: Fillers in combination containers, mixed tubs, window boxes, warm winter gardens, groundcovers
    • Growing Guide: Sun or Shade Coleus
    • Ships: Zone Shipping- Spring
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